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Holiday Portrait Special – November 10th – 25th

The Holiday Special provides the opportunity to have professionally portraits with in the cozy home studio or one outside location.

Your 30-minute session includes 15 portraits to choose from for Printing in an online password protected gallery available within 48 hours of your portrait sitting.

To book your portrait sitting please contact Ashley by phone 712.333.7918 or by email and we will discuss times and dates that work best for your family!


In Studio                                                                                                  Outdoor





Portraits will be viewable on in a gallery within 48 hours of the session. Your child will have a password-protected gallery available for 3 days to allow for ordering.

To Order – Please let me know via email or by phone when you are ready and I will place your order over the phone personally.

Once the order has arrived it can be hand delivered, picked up at the Ashley Heim Photography home studio, or send through the mail for your convenience.


Collection I – $279.00

 One Framed 11×14

4 8×10’s

4 5×7’s

16 Wallets

3 Digital Images to use for Holiday Cards,

Viewing or Sharing with Family

Collection II- $149

3 8×10’s

2 5×7’s

16 wallets

Collection III – $99

2 8×10’s

2 5×7’s

8 wallets



I grew up in a small town in South Dakota. I moved often, but consider Wilmot to be home. My parents have lived there for a long time so every now and then we get together to see each other. The drive is about 4 hours from Sioux City, but the easy going small town life is worth it’s weight in gold. We can open the windows and hear nothing but the trees with the occasional car. Wilmot is a great get a way from time to time.

Being a small town that also means a small school system. This gives us the ability to get to know a lot of the families in school across all grade levels. While I only attended the Wilmot High School for a handful of years I was given the opportunity to photograph a classmates children, as well as her neice.

Shanel visited home from living close to Minneapolis for her birthday. Her family’s drive was also four hours so because we both had a long way to go we planned for herself and her sister on a Saturday to get together for the back to school sessions. I appriciate her time and commitment to the session as it’s a long way to go!

It was a warm windy day. The temperature and the breeze gave us a great temperament to photograph in. Using a field across the street from my parents we had trees, a white and teal barn, and grass to use as a background. With four little ones under 5 it also gave us room to run.

We played run around the tree, peek a boo, and they showed me their fast running feet. Over the course of an hour we played and let go of worries to create the session by just being ourselves. My favorite from the portrait session was an image of Shanel’s youngest.

We lined the girls against the barn wall holding hands. At the last second her youngest jumped. Her look on her face is priceless. The image shows you why I love to specialized in Children Photography. A child’s spontaneity is fun. Children keep us adults on our toes. The essence of childhood is amazing.

Childhood is only once and it’s times like these where we can make the most of it!




Warning – Long post with super cuteness!


Meet Camila…

Our story begins before she was born. It began with for maternity portraits. During our time together Camila’s mother showed me portraits she loved. We planned together for weeks and on the day of the session her patience was rewarded with portraits of contouring shadows and draping fabrics.

Weeks passed. Soon the word came Camila was born.  We used several backgrounds ranging from white to brown in the in-home studio. She was my first newborn to date so I wanted to make sure I did the best I could for them in creating portraits they could love for years.

During the time Camila slept she gave us the opportunity for numerous portraits from seeing her curled sleeping to the details of tiny toes. She really was a dream.



So a few weeks ago I hope you can understand my excitement in seeing an email for portraits. As mothers we can relate to our children’s growth and how quickly it happens. While she was born early in the year the time has flown so fast. I love to watch my customer’s families grow over time so I looked forward to seeing her again.

Since the last two portraits were done in the in home studio our goal was to have a colorful outdoor portrait.  After a few ideas and a trip to the party store we shot Camila in the midst of flowers, a heart textured blanket, and three pink balloons wearing an outfit that tied all the colors together for beautiful blend of summer color.


As a photographer my goal is to create portraiture enjoyed not only by you, but family and friends as well. With this in mind I wanted to take the time to approach a subject normally asked about through email however I neglect to answer the question on a larger public basis.

Lately sales and specials are seen at this time of the year. School has started, and the holidays are on their way (Halloween is only 6 weeks away! ekk!) For the next few months we are going to put ourselves on the back burner and think more so for our friends and family. We will think of ways to give them new gifts, help them or their children through the education system, or have fun with them getting together for the last bbq’s of the season.

The sales and specials come in to play here because the number one question I get after posting a sale is this:

“Can I include “so and so” in a portrait. How much would you charge extra for that?”

Answer? Yes, at no extra charge.

While I neglect to post specifics on sales for the limit of people or children in sale sessions, know I also care your mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle or other family members of yours can see your children growing up. I understand being a mother myself also means loving just one portrait of the family to show others.

While this does not mean we can do an entire family session for a sales price intended for only one, I do not mind including the family, or siblings at the end of a sales session for one portrait frame so you have one to show the family.


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With four years of an active photography business I finally understand where I actually am in this and have a clear path of how things will be in the future for you. As a photographer many of us have a passion to share our portraits with little want in return. As a Sioux City photographer I have kept costs low to spread my passion of photography a long to you. After much reflection I have a clear path of goals for this business.I am opening my calendar to accept Wedding Photography, and Senior Photography in Sioux City, and local areas such as Sioux Falls, Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding communities.Starting now service will evolve to greater serve you with more personalized service, communication, and value. Because of this rates will change to sessions of $99 with portrait collections beginning at $349. Clients whom have already booked have no need to worry of rates changing. Going forward booking will see the new rates. I value clients who will stick with me through this change however if someone feels this may not be for them I will gladly refer them to another photographer whom will be in line with their needs.

For those who will stick around I say thank you and look forward to our sessions in the future!