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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Kinnaman Family I’ve known for years and fortunately I’ve been able to watch their family grow from the beginning thanks to being co-workers way back in the day with Michelle! Hopefully one day I get the same chance to work with Chris, as he is the owner of Phase One Entertainment!

I was happy to photograph their family again but this time with their second little one grown up 🙂

It was a busy day but filled with happiness and anticipation. After a year of planning it was finally here. Her mother put together a great wedding and team of artists for makeup, hair, and many others to complete a flawless experience.

Courtney began getting ready early in the morning in her hotel room. My husband and I stayed in the same hotel so it was a stress free morning so we could all be in one area in case anything were to arise.

Courtney was stress free as the day went on. She was clearly surrounded with supportive company to help her in every way possible.

I couldn’t have been more honored to be part of a wedding. This family I have known for years and a huge thank you goes to them for allowing me to share this day with them!