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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Through the winter I had the opportunity to meet Michelle and Lance. Right away after meeting I fell in love with them and knew they were a humble couple. Also – they were coffee lovers. For those of you with coffee buddies…’nuff said đŸ™‚

It was a wedding in May at my favorite venue – The Orpheum and they could not have a chosen a better day. The temperature was amazing and the families/friends came together in support.


Michelle  – The bride was the most calm I have ever seen.



With a confidence I haven’t see before she shined brightly in her wedding dress that flowed. It was if it was made just for her.


Before we knew it the wedding party was ready and the moment arrived. It was a lighthearted yet emotional ceremony.





With amazing support this wedding really was One Epic Wedding.

IL1A8393IL1A8637IL1A8734IL1A8774IL1A8993IL1A9091IL1A9148IL1A9151IL1A9157Thanks Lance and Michelle for choosing me to be  a part of your wedding day!