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Monthly Archives: May 2017


We were so excited for Kipp and Whit! It was a lot of fun down in Des Moines for their engagement. Anyone of you who knows these two know you’re in for a good time. Great family, great times. Beautiful venues and easy going people made this for the wedding of the 2016.




What a fun surprise! She had NO IDEA. We planned a shoot for the couple to pretend they were christmas photos for the family and yes..there was plenty of shock to go around!

I loved this planning and it was great to hear the details of how it was kept a secret for so long! Definitely worth the wait 🙂IL1A5387IL1A5396IL1A5423IL1A5438IL1A5439IL1A5442IL1A5447IL1A5484IL1A5494IL1A5524IL1A5506IL1A5574

IL1A0120IL1A0089-2IL1A0210IL1A0244IL1A0131I was off a few weeks ago for the first time to meet the future Mr and Mrs Condon. Thank you for having me and letting me tell you what to do! It was a treat and my pleasure to visit. Thanks again for having me!