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After having a second child I’m learning how much more expensive things can be. For some time I’ve been thinking of a way to help create affordable pricing with just enough prints to display around your home while also giving options for additional portrait purchases often enough so you can have current portraits on your wall.

I am introducing a monthly subscription option for customers. There are two subscription options for Family and Children portraits. The subscription will automatically renew once a month. 3 months are required to sign up and you can cancel at any time!



  • Portrait sittings are non-transferrable and cannot be rolled over into the following month.

(You’ll just have to capture your children and family on a monthly basis!)

  • Memberships are a 3 month minimum and are automatically charged to your credit card monthly. 
You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing

(We’ll miss you)


Inquire by Email:

Phone: 712-333-7918

This year was the first annual Camera Clicks for Cans. Families were encouraged to participate because for each portrait of their child, they are helping another family in need. For a donation of 5 cans or $5.00, parents receive a complimentary 5×7 portrait of their child. The set up included haybales, cornstalks and pumpkins.

The event was featured on

We collected over 10 cans of food and more non-parishables for the Food Bank of Siouxland. A big thank you goes to the families who participated. I hope the word spreads for next years event!

Taking Photos to Feed the Hungry – News, Weather and Sports for Sioux City, IA:

With digital cameras and editing programs we as photographers have the ability to edit color, contrast, retouch by airbrushing and fix many things. As a photographer many of us strive to make sure we are providing a quality portrait so although almost all of the work is done in camera with photography experience,  editing programs are our digital darkroom to enhance portraits. As one of the many I also use an image editing program to  brand images with my company watermark.

I wanted to take the time tonight to explain reasoning behind the protecting of images by watermarking…..

On the internet we can be who ever we want to be and sign up for sites, browse the internet, read some news, or start a Facebook account. We all have passwords and usernames to log in with, and love sharing our lives by connecting with friends and family. Imagine one morning you log in. You log in to see what everyone is up to but notice a new message so you check it…”Hmm, I don’t remember sending anyone anything…”

A friend messaged. They saw your profile picture in a not so conservative advertisement. She remembered the name of the company. You thank her for looking out for you and look up the company. Sure enough…there’s your photo representing the company that you didn’t give permission to. Or, worse…your child’s photo is now in an advertisement. How dare them?! “I never said that was ok,” you think. “How did they get my daughter’s photo?”

So you angrily email Facebook and tell your friend what you found but find Facebook isn’t so quick to respond because they are working on thousands of other accounts that had the same thing happen…..

Per Facebook’s statement of rights/responsibilities it says: “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In addition: For content that is covered by intellectual property right, like photos and video (IP content) you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application setting: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP license) This IP license ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

Per U.S. copyright law the photographer who creates the portrait and presses the shutter owns the image. For example you see your children playing so decide to run in to the house, grab your camera, and snap a photo. You own that image. Your image is protected by copyright law. Photographers who share images and give people permission to share their copyrighted material as usually part of their portrait collection, for their own advertising in portfolio’s and people’s enjoyment. So when you upload the image to Facebook you tell Facebook you have the right to post the image and because we have Facebook we agree to the terms and conditions of Facebook.

With my new business model you will begin seeing less Facebook images out of your protection.Going forward Facebook images will be limited on my profile however will you continue to see postings on the blog as usual.  I value clients who will stick with me through this change however if someone feels this may not be for them I will gladly refer them to another photographer whom will be in line with their needs.

I believe over the internet we usually have good experiences. Because of this we trust who we talk to, how our photos are seen and the social circles we travel with in. We generally surround ourselves with people who support us. Unfortunately we cannot foresee hackers, internet thieves and how applications over the social network can compile our information.

Out of respect for you, your family, and out of respect for myself all portraits shown on the Ashley Heim Photography Facebook page and blog are watermarked.

As a photographer my goal is to create portraiture enjoyed not only by you, but family and friends as well. With this in mind I wanted to take the time to approach a subject normally asked about through email however I neglect to answer the question on a larger public basis.

Lately sales and specials are seen at this time of the year. School has started, and the holidays are on their way (Halloween is only 6 weeks away! ekk!) For the next few months we are going to put ourselves on the back burner and think more so for our friends and family. We will think of ways to give them new gifts, help them or their children through the education system, or have fun with them getting together for the last bbq’s of the season.

The sales and specials come in to play here because the number one question I get after posting a sale is this:

“Can I include “so and so” in a portrait. How much would you charge extra for that?”

Answer? Yes, at no extra charge.

While I neglect to post specifics on sales for the limit of people or children in sale sessions, know I also care your mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle or other family members of yours can see your children growing up. I understand being a mother myself also means loving just one portrait of the family to show others.

While this does not mean we can do an entire family session for a sales price intended for only one, I do not mind including the family, or siblings at the end of a sales session for one portrait frame so you have one to show the family.


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With four years of an active photography business I finally understand where I actually am in this and have a clear path of how things will be in the future for you. As a photographer many of us have a passion to share our portraits with little want in return. As a Sioux City photographer I have kept costs low to spread my passion of photography a long to you. After much reflection I have a clear path of goals for this business.I am opening my calendar to accept Wedding Photography, and Senior Photography in Sioux City, and local areas such as Sioux Falls, Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding communities.Starting now service will evolve to greater serve you with more personalized service, communication, and value. Because of this rates will change to sessions of $99 with portrait collections beginning at $349. Clients whom have already booked have no need to worry of rates changing. Going forward booking will see the new rates. I value clients who will stick with me through this change however if someone feels this may not be for them I will gladly refer them to another photographer whom will be in line with their needs.

For those who will stick around I say thank you and look forward to our sessions in the future!