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What a fun surprise! She had NO IDEA. We planned a shoot for the couple to pretend they were christmas photos for the family and yes..there was plenty of shock to go around!

I loved this planning and it was great to hear the details of how it was kept a secret for so long! Definitely worth the wait 🙂IL1A5387IL1A5396IL1A5423IL1A5438IL1A5439IL1A5442IL1A5447IL1A5484IL1A5494IL1A5524IL1A5506IL1A5574

IL1A0120IL1A0089-2IL1A0210IL1A0244IL1A0131I was off a few weeks ago for the first time to meet the future Mr and Mrs Condon. Thank you for having me and letting me tell you what to do! It was a treat and my pleasure to visit. Thanks again for having me!



It was a busy day but filled with happiness and anticipation. After a year of planning it was finally here. Her mother put together a great wedding and team of artists for makeup, hair, and many others to complete a flawless experience.

Courtney began getting ready early in the morning in her hotel room. My husband and I stayed in the same hotel so it was a stress free morning so we could all be in one area in case anything were to arise.

Courtney was stress free as the day went on. She was clearly surrounded with supportive company to help her in every way possible.

I couldn’t have been more honored to be part of a wedding. This family I have known for years and a huge thank you goes to them for allowing me to share this day with them!


After the engagement sitting was finished Courtney and I talked for a bit. She showed me her wedding theme colors, the floral arrangements, and in return we decided on the looks of the engagement album, and the save the date card design.

(it’s going to be a gorgeous wedding y’all)

After seeing her colors and choosing the save the date design this gave me the ability to create a custom look for her disc case so it creates a cohesive theme in colors/design for both the wedding and her photography experience. While I didn’t have a photo on hand for the color matching I did my best from seeing colors on the internet and my memory (I hope it served me well!) to coordinate the colors for the case. The case is labeled with a Chevron detail and the year to remember their engagement with 🙂

I hope it’s ok to give this sneak peak of things as I don’t want to ruin any surprises!




Texting Courtney through the day gave her and I reassurance that the months long planned engagement portrait sitting would still take place despite rain forecasts for the day in Omaha, NE. The morning of the forecast said there was time in the afternoon for clear weather. My family and I packed everything we needed and headed down early afternoon. The traffic was moderate for a Saturday.

After a few wrong turns and with Courtney and D’s patience we arrived in the Old Market. Walking along the streets the air was filled with beautiful saxophone players…. singers and guitarists. The atmosphere was a lively and fun. The area supports local artists.

Courtney was attracted to the Old Market for the atmosphere, texture, locations and variety. The Old Market has a storefront area called the Passageway for businesses. Inside are several levels of storefronts to explore. The ceiling was open allowing sunlight to cascade from above. We started in the passageway for their portraits.

We traveled upstairs to have some hallway shots. On the second level the ceiling is not open so it was a tad dim. D stood next to a cut out opening allowing light in. The ceiling had clamp lights accenting the plants in the cut out window so I had them stand underneath them to create an accent light for their hair.



Using the archway in the front of the park framed Courtney and D nicely for some serious yet poignant looks. We used a few poses and after a short walk found a bridge in front of building allowing families to travel from one side to the other.



The bridge portraits are my favorite from the session. In Sioux City we do not have the opportunity for portraits like these so I was happy to give them something unique.


Shortly after we were ready to include Ozzie, their third family fuzzy family member.

**By the way guys – He was really fluffy and reminded me of a Pixar movie. I just wanted to shout, “HE’S SO FLUFFY!”. Ozzie is super cute and even smiled for us 🙂


By now we had a change of clothes. The sun was coming out to give us some golden light and we took some more time between walking around the pond for more portraits. Out of the hustle and bustle of the urban areas we focused on them as a couple to showcase some nice poses, and her gorgeous ring!






I cannot wait for their wedding next year in May! Thanks Courtney and D for allowing me to share and capture this time with you!