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Holstein is a great, quiet community and I was blessed in sharing the day with Em! It was an easy drive to reach Holstein. No rain, however I will say there were a few clouds that made me nervous that morning. The clouds passed pretty quickly and I was on my way to the salon for the girls. We stayed for a few hours and began the day by going to the church.

My husband helped capture the groomsmen while I spent time with the girls. Em and her husband were gracious host’s  that day. The ceremony was officiated by her uncle. He was amazing and created a lot of laughs through the ceremony. It was a rare treat!

Thank you again for allowing me to share in your day!



As a mom of two boys and another kiddo on the way I felt right at home with these little guys. As some of you know I also run a daycare center. Being used to busy feet I’m always up for a challenge of the younger kiddos to let loose and have a little fun. These guys did a great job and I appreciate their time!


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A simple, yet elegant proposal and a year’s worth of planning turned this event in to a long anticipated celebration in a vintage, yet modern retreat fit for all ages. In the event venue of My Vintage the couple had gorgeous lighting and textures for a day to remember. A brides dream really….

Here is a link to the venue in case you’re planning your own! As well as the D.J. they used!

Congrats you guys!! Thanks so much for allowing me to celebrate with you!


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I was invited to shoot a small wedding Friday afternoon and was happy to help! This was my first time shooting a wedding that was not formal. I enjoyed shooting a casual wedding for a change.


They had supportive people and couldn’t have asked for a better officiant! She was exited for them and it shows in their images. I love how this images turned out.







Last year during our fall portraits we planned on the large snowflakes for a family portrait however last year we didn’t see much snow 🙁

Last Sunday was our snowy weekend and the weather was perfect. Michelle asked if I had the time to do a quick shoot in the snow and I was happy to do so! The flakes were large and fluffy and the temp wasn’t too cold.

This portrait was a year in the making waiting for the perfect weather to do it and I’m glad we did!