What's it like to be behind the camera with you?

****We are in the process of changing our domain. Please bear with us as it can be confusing during rebranding***

We are changing from ashleyheimphotography.com to nostalgicphotographybyashley.com

Hello and Welcome! You're probably here to learn what to expect. To be honest I am still looking for the words to describe it. As unprofessional as that sounds, I have to be upfront. I'm socially awkward the first time. I'm the girl next door, mixed with the, "Once you get to know her she doesn't stop talking."

During the shooting process it's a lot of sit up, move your foot, look down over there...The posing and looks can be repetitive.

For the booking process:

When we are contacted we receive an email or a call. 

I want to meet you in person. We will come to you, or we can meet in a local place such for a quick brunch, for a coffee, or just at the local park. We are flexible. We talk about the session, the location, what time you're expecting...etc.

Now for the real deal:

There is nothing set in stone in terms of having to meet in an office..why? Because we travel. My office is in the trees, the park down the road, in the truck while driving between the ceremony to the reception hall, or even standing in the middle of the Nebraska Street to get the Orpheum sign with your names on it....

I believe this page is to help you understand how the session or wedding day can go. What I can tell you for sure is that I've learned no two sessions or wedding days are a like.

Photography is a personal experience. 

"Well...that wasn't very helpful." You may think. Here's why....

One set of parents may get frustrated because they envisioned something poised while their children just want to make faces at the camera. Another family may embrace the chaos and just go with it to have some silly photos.

As a parent we can only hope for the best not to be embarrassed with how are children are, or how that family member is after a few drinks at the wedding.

Here's what helps....

Despite everything of what CAN go wrong, let's focus on what we can control. What we can control is living in the moment. What we can control is meeting together and talking about how you envision your session. What we can control is very little during the process. It could rain, maybe a check didn't go through as needed so we reschedule, maybe the brides mother noticed a few wrinkles we missed and took a few extra minutes steaming it out when we should have been down the isle, maybe the bridal party wanted different photos and something was forgotten.....whatever the day holds, there is a solution. Don't let that panic set in. It's going to be ok. What we can control is how we react.

What I need is the communication. Together we will figure it out.

The solution to that nervousness is what we are here for. 

The happiness is what we are here for.

The tears of father letting go of his little girl for the dance.

The crying mother seeing her son annouce his bride for the first time during the dinner knowing she's now facing a husband and wife team.

The child who smiled, then tripped in dirt. He's dirty in his new clothes, but it sure was an amazing smile I just captured the moment before....

While Pinterest and Google has some very helpful posing ideas, no session will follow that to a T. Clothing choices may be different, posing may be a bit off, but what is the same is you. You are the ones who make that portrait come to life. You are the ones who can make me hear your laughter while editing the photos. You are the ones who make a black and white portrait come to life. 

Let's celebrate who you all are. Even if that means a few embarrassing moments a long the way.